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Chemico Double End Valve Grinding Paste

Seasure are now stockists of Chemico Grinding Paste 300gm units at their Trade Counter, Unit 12 Matrix Park, Talbot Road, Segensworth, Fareham, PO15 5RY, tel 01489 885401. Seasure are manufacturers of “Blakes” sea toilets and seacocks, “Taylors” cookers and heaters and “Lavac” toilets products.

Chemico - a famous brand name for over 100 Years

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Chemico Sales & Overseas Ltd is a UK company producing Chemico Automotive Products and Chemico Grinding Pastes that are distributed all over the world. All products are made in the UK. Chemico Grinding Pastes are used by automobile repair and restoration workshops, in general engineering and tool making and as a general lapping compound in many industries. Chemico Lapping Paste is a water based lapping compound for use where grease is not desired, for example in the maintenance of sports ground machinery. Chemico Jointing Cement is a universal sealant for all types of joints. This jointing compound can be used with or without a gasket to seal against leakage of petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluids, oils, paraffin, LPG, water, steam and gases.

We have a wealth of experience regarding our products and our technical team are happy to assist should you have any queries. We are always happy to receive unsolicited testimonials from customers such as the following,

Chemico Lapping Paste:
"the cylinder grinding compounds produce an amazing finish, especially on stubborn cutting cylinders where trying to get a stable and balanced finish is important, without the expense of taking a cylinder each time to a grinder to be charged an absolute fortune."

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Chemico has a large network of Agents and Distributors in many countries. We are always looking for Agents in those countries where we are not represented, contact us. if you would be interested in becoming an Agent or Distributor.

Chemico Sales & Overseas Ltd.
Address: PO Box 12905, Solihull, B93 3AY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1564 742 517
Fax: +44 (0) 1564 742 617
Email admin@chemico.co.uk

Frosts Restorers Equipment

Main UK Distributor
+44 (0)1706 658 619

Chemico double ended valve grinding paste
Chemico Grinding paste
Chemico jointing cement
Chemico Products
Chemico Valve Grinding Paste Double Ended
Famous double ended tin combines coarse & fine valve grinding paste in one handy unit.
Silicon Carbide & lithium based grease
Tin weight 110 gm
Available in cartons of 6 x 1 dozen display units.
Carton holds 72 tins in total
Available to Purchase online here
Chemico Jointing Cement
A jointing compound that is a universal sealant with or without a gasket or washer
Prevents leakage of petrol, diesel, oils, steam, coolants, water, paraffin, LPGs, gases and hydraulic fluids in all types of joints
Contains shellac & graphite Supplied in 125ml tamper evident plastic tubs
Chemico Grinding Paste
Critically manufactured silicon carbide & lithium grease based compound
available in fine, medium, coarse and extra-coarse grades
12 x 300 gm tamper evident tubs per carton
Available to Purchase online here
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Chemico Lapping Paste  
For maintenance & sharpening of gang mowers & sharpening of cutter blades
Larger sizes and grade extra-coarse available to special order
2.5kg & 5 Kg tamper evident tubs
Water based / oil free
Lapping paste grades available are coarse, medium, & fine
  Available to Purchase online here Purchase 5kg Bucket here  
Chemico Lapping Paste
Chemico Grinding Paste 2.5kg
Critically manufactured silicon carbide & lithium grease based compound
Available in grades fine, medium, coarse and extra-coarse
2.5kg plastic bucket , larger sizes available to special order
Available to Purchase online here
Large Chemico Grinding paste 2.5kg