Jointing Cement

125ml - High Performance Sealant

Chemico Jointing Cement

A jointing compound that is a universal sealant with or without a gasket or washer. Prevents leakage of petrol, diesel, oils, steam, coolants, water, paraffin, LPGs, gases and hydraulic fluids in all types of joints.

Chemico Jointing Cement is a Liquid Compound that can be applied to any joint either with or without a gasket. It will effectively seal bolted, flanged or screwed joints and as a liquid it is economical to use and will not squeeze into the interior of a joint and cause damage. It is non-abrasive and will not damage highly machined joint faces.

The combination of thermal, plastic and adhesive factors in this jointing compound is unique in sealant formulation. The plasticity combats the effects of temperature and pressure changes, shifting levels and stresses associated with assembly of dissimilar metals such as aluminium housings bolted to cast blocks.

The adhesive factor not only assists gasket location but has been shown to be an effective locking sealant for imparting additional security to splines, studs and pressfit bearings. Chemico Jointing Cement is waterproof and unaffected by sea water. It is anti-corrosive and inert. It is used to protect electrical join boxed and moisture sensitive instruments from the effects of a damp atmosphere. Used as a coating between two dissimiliar metals such as steel and brass in contact, it will help prevent electrolytic action from sea water Temperature Range: -40 degrees C - +350 degrees C

Chemico Jointing Cement is exported to many countries and is used in the following industries:

  • Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Manufacture
  • Instrument making
  • Cable Manufacture
  • Mining Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Electricity, Gas and Water Undertakings
  • Heating, Engineering and Plumbing Trades
  • Boiler and Radiator Manufacture
  • Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding and Repairing
  • Garages, Service Stations and Workshops
  • Gas, Oil and Diesel Engine Manufacture
  • Heavy Electrical Engineering

Chemico Jointing Cement

Method of Applications

Apply a coat of Chemico Jointing Cement to each joint face and allow it to remain a few moments until the jointing becomes tacky. Close the joint. For screwed joint, apply one coat to each mating thread and screw up immediately.

  • All joints must be clean and dry and free from any cleaning agents.
  • Multiple applications, for example to a warped cylinder head, can often avoid the need for re-machining.

For joints containing washers/gaskets of cork or absorbent material, apply one coat to each side of the washer or gasket and allow this to soak in. Apply a second coat to the joint faces, allow it to become tacky and then close the joint.

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual before commencing any operation and follow instructions given fully. The above is supplied for information and is based on laboratory and practical experience. In view of the wide range of applications and conditions of use no liability is accepted for any loss or accident which occur from its use or application.

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Jointing Cement by Chemico
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