Terms and Conditions

Standard Sale and Supply of Goods

Terms and Conditions

Chemico Sales & Overseas Ltd – Standard Sale and Supply of Goods

We are Chemico Sales & Overseas Ltd registered in England with company number 884518 and registered office 17 Burwood Place, First Drive, Teignmouth Devon TQ14 8FR and we are supplying goods to you.

We issue a written acknowledgement of our agreement to make that supply. That acknowledgement incorporates these supply conditions (except where they are specifically amended in the acknowledgement)

  • A specification of the goods and any incidental services, if not our standard specification will apply
  • The price agreed
  • The delivery or collection details

  • That is the whole of our agreement for this supply and supersedes any previous agreement we may have had in relation to it. No variation to the agreement is valid unless it is in writing and either signed or specifically agreed to in writing by our authorised representative. We are responsible for making the supply to you but we may arrange to so so through agents or subcontractors. Cancellation and Variation

    You may cancel your order at any time before supply is made however if you do so, you are to pay on demand a reasonable cancellation charge. This will be 50% of the invoice price of standard goods and 100% of the invoice price of non-standard goods (that is items prepared to customer’s specifications which are outside our standard range of goods and/or unit sizes). If you ask us to vary your order and agree with us an appropriate variation in price, we will agree to supply within these variations for our standard range/unit size of goods. We will not vary the price once it is agreed and materials are purchased to fulfil your order. If there is any delay in fulfilling your order we will notify you with in a reasonable time and give you the opportunity to cancel your order with no further obligation. If we are unable to fulfil your order within a reasonable time due to materials being unavailable for reasons beyond our reasonable control, we may cancel your order with no further obligation to you.

    Quotations issued by us are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation unless otherwise notified at that time on the quotation. Our Price Lists give prices ex factory, duty unpaid and in addition VAT will be charged at the current rate and any other government tax on the supply . Carriage will be charged at the agreed rate unless previously agreed otherwise. Insurance of the goods once they have left our warehouse/factory/office is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise stated on the invoice. The cost of any artwork, origination, printing or specific tooling required is the responsibility of the customer.

    If you do not have a credit agreement we will invoice you once the goods have been manufactured prior to despatch unless otherwise agreed at the time of ordering. If you have a credit agreement you are to pay the invoice within the time stated on your credit agreement or otherwise within 30 days should you be unable to produce a credit agreement. If you have a dispute with us you must pay by the due date the amount not in dispute. If any payment is late we may charge you interest at the rate of 2% above the base rate on any overdue payment from the due date of that payment until payment is made. We will charge you for all costs we incur in recovering the outstanding debt.

    Passing of Risk and Title:
    The goods are at your own risk when you start loading them on to the collection vehicle is you are arranging collection, or when you start unloading them at the delivery address, if we are responsible for delivery. If you fail to accept delivery or collect as arranged, then the goods are at your own risk if this is not as agreed arrangement. The goods do not belong to you until we have received full payment of the price and all additional payments due (whether under that or any other agreement) with us. Until then you hold the goods as our fiduciary agent, must clearly identify the goods (and any new products into which they are incorporated) as our property, and keep them properly stored and insured and we may enter your premises at any time to repossess the goods if you fail pay the price and other payments when due.

    Warranty and Defects:
    We warrant to you that the goods will be at the time of delivery free from any material defect due to faulty materials or workmanship and that the services will be provided with reasonable skill and care so long as you give us full details of any defect immediately it becomes apparent, and that the goods have not in our view suffered from improper or careless use or storage or excessive stressing or the like. All implied warranties or conditions are excluded to the extent permitted by law. Notification must be made of any defects within 3 days of delivery for unexamined goods (delivery note must be endorsed as such). If after inspecting the goods we are satisfied that their condition has not deteriorated following delivery we will at our discretion replace the goods or issue a credit note. Delivery or Collection: We will use reasonable endeavours to have the goods ready when agreed, but this is only an estimate of the delivery or collection date. Where we are delivering goods to you, you are responsible for unloading them. Where you fail to take goods as agreed you must pay on demand our storage and /or additional carriage costs.

    This is non returnable in the case of all plastic wrapping, drums, metal or plastic containers, cartons, boxes and pallets. We endeavour to use recyclable packaging wherever possible and minimise the use of any non recyclable materials.